Junos Part II - BGP and BGP Unnumbered

Aninda Chatterjee

In this post, we look at BGP on Junos OS and a typical BGP configuration for the underlay, for a 3-stage Clos fabric. We also introduce BGP unnumbered, which is a great way of building the underlay, without the need of any IP addressing.

Juniper vQFX and Containerlab

Aninda Chatterjee

In this post, we look at how Containerlab can be used to quickly spin up vQFX topologies for network validation and testing. We’ll walk through the entire process - how to build docker images from vQFX images, what happens behind the scenes when bringing these containers up and how to build/verify your topology.

Junos Part I - the basics

Aninda Chatterjee

In this post, we take an introductory look at the operating system used in Juniper platforms, called Junos OS. This post serves as an introduction to the CLI. We also cover basic bridging.